Blogging Experience


Throughout social media I had a great time making and working with blogs, but when I first started blogging I thought everything was going to be easy and I really didn’t have to put no time into it. Because I can say when any one hears blogs they think it’s just writing and pictures.  I never realized that other social media networks can help you promote and gain followers for my blog. For one thing I learn how to integrate my other social networks to my wordpress .By me doing so I got tons of followers that took time out to check out my blogs and what I was writing about I even had a few people leave comments saying that they liked what I was writing and to keep doing blogs because I did such a good job. Furthermore it actually wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be I really had to put in some time to get my work done and have it done the right way to be successful in my social media communication course.


In addition to this I had to take Some steps to do as well as I wanted some steps I took to be successful was I promoted my blogs on many social media sites such as Face book, Instagram, Twitter and vine at first I really didn’t get any feedback so I thought to myself to wait till I saw that it was a lot of people online to send out information for people to view. After  doing this I received  a lot of followers  this also  help me catch attention of people in the world that was doing a similar assessment or had any encouraging word for me as a blogger  or had an interest in the topics I brought forward in the blogs I posted.


On the other hand this blogging experience was great I had a good time doing and learning how to blog doing this assignment has given me more knowledge of the internet and social media sites. There are so many topics to write about and can help you engage in group conversations. Though, I do have to say my favorite post was privacy because after doing so much research the research  gave  me a lot of knowledge I was lacking about the internet and social media sites to keep you safe, as opposed to finding other sources and figuring out what the real meaning of privacy was. It was an interesting post and I found myself writing a lot because I was so interested to learn more I’m glad I was able to create my own blog and I hope I continue to add more posts to my blog because it was interesting. For one thing I don’t really think that I will continue blogging after this it’s not that I didn’t like blogging it just a thing that I might fade from as the years go by.



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Ways to boost your brand’s

The Article that I found that had the best interest to me was the  5 powerful ways to boost your social media presence in which in the article they broke down the 5 ways in section explaining what you have to do such as  Provoke engagement doing this is filling your new feeds on any social networking sites  with different content so readers can see that you have a open mind.

The Second way to boost your social media presence is just being human  the article brings up the point you as a human should give our media channels a personal touch  to attract people  but  not to add much and try to be something or someone your not  because research can easily be done to find things out about you and  what your company is about when it comes to Google.

The Third was was to not be afraid to add some fun: but  running a company is serious but by  running a company you can still have some fun and social media give you that advantage to add some fun factors.

Also supporting charities shows that you care about other and not just your self and your company Showing support about what you costumers care about and what your company is doing and will do to help out is a big deal. Lastly You will have to get out of your comfort zone as a company to get more consumers engagement.


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Happy Thanksgiving

I use to think that thanksgiving was all about hanging out with family and having a lot of different and special food to eat as well  as having family members over that you really don’t get to see that often but after doing a little research found out the real meaning.  Thanksgiving was first celebrated by pilgrims in America as a feast to give thanks to God for a good harvest. This was in 1621. Today, Thanksgiving, which is celebrated mostly by Americans, is held to celebrate family, as a show of gratitude to God and in memory of the 1621 Thanksgiving.

Happy thanksgiving to all hope everyone have a good one eat a lot of food and be safe why doing so. furthermore some people really don’t understand why we celebrate this day. so we shouldn’t as a nation forget the real reason why we celebrate this holiday.

Social media harassment & Bullying

What is bullying? Being made fun of or called names by anyone. What is harassment?  Having someone violates an individual’s dignity. It’s a lot of good and bad things that come to attention when dealing with social media harassment and bullying this really became a big problem when social media sites shot out the roof and everyone wanted to join. Social media give teenagers and young adults the opportunity to act how they want say what they want and even get to pick on another user without the high possibility of getting in trouble. Social media harassment is growing in school all over the world because it easy for you to post an embarrassing picture of someone or even send out threats because the internet is somewhat anonymous this attracts bully’s because it would be harder for them to get in trouble.


To me as a very high social media user I feel that this shouldn’t be a way for young adults to pick on others social media sites was made to keep you in touch with old friends family member also to help out some business with promotions on their company. Indeed social media harassments should be consider as a really big deal because from experience I came across a guy that end up killing himself over getting harassed on the internet about the cloths and how him and his household was living. On the other hand you shouldn’t be picked on by the cloths you have or how you’re living because most families don’t have money to spend on materials goods let alone how they live because it’s a lot of people that is growing up in poverty and is going to school to make ends meet and try to move their way up the ladder of the American dream.


As an illustration parents can really be a big help on cutting down social media harassment because they can check what their children are posting, also making sure kids have up their privacy settings  so everyone can’t see or have the ability to post anything on their kids pages. furthermore if a parent or young adult see that they are being harassed they should contact the owner of the social media site and get that users account deactivated or even contact the police and report it before it becomes a bigger issue and result in some one getting hurt or losing their life over words or pictures on a social media site.


As can it be seen everyone think that social media sites is good which it is but it has it negativities as well. All in All we as users we can change whatever is needed to be changed on social media if we just speak up and take actions.


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Blog post promotions


The Methods I used to get my Blogs out to the public to view was twitter first I posted my blogs to see if anyone would contact me after  I wrote  and told a few people  that was following me   to Retweet  their  thought of doing this would result in others over the world  seeing , reading and commenting or it could even bring the readers to Retweet it as well when I first thought about using social networking sites to promote my blogs  to the world  I thought it would be easy but it wasn’t so after I realized this I thought of other sites I could use and came to the conclusion and thought  of Google, Facebook, and instagram


The other site that was good was the famous Google which everyone uses. Firstly I linked my blogs up with Google so it could be easily found when searched hoping that I would have better luck than I did on twitter. After a few days  I started to get random followers that commented and gave me a lot of great feedback some of these followers was even dealing with the same topics I covered in my blogs which was exciting.  In addition to this I went on Facebook and went to my friends list and sent a message saying can you guys read over my blogs and give me feedback with your thoughts and feelings on the topics I covered which didn’t work so I waited a few days to see if they would get back to me that didn’t work so I came to the conclusion to wait till people in my friends list or my friends list was on line to send them my massage and the link. By me doing this it was a success I received tons of response and feedback.


 Furthermore most people told me that my blogs was good and they agreed with what I was saying and the topics I covered and the points I covered in my writing. But even so I had a few people that said they didn’t like what I was trying to cover and thought that civil disobedience wouldn’t fit right in the media which I couldn’t really understand because with civil disobedience you can stop people from getting hurt or even going to jail for stating they  thoughts because during my research I viewed that a lot of people was going to jail or starting  riots  which people was getting ran over by others or even  getting into fights with the police and being beaten very badly. In addition to this I also had one person say that they don’t think that professional shouldn’t have social networking because it can get in the way at the work place or cause lots of drama at the work place with coworkers. Theses was the best ways I was able to get my blogs out to the world and got a lot of good and bad feedback from friends and even strangers.



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Civil disobedience

Civil disobedience is the refusal to comply with certain laws or to pay taxes and fines, as a peaceful form of political protest. Dealing with civil disobedience you have to do a numbers of things you would have to break laws it has to be an act to protest non violence is a factor and ever thing has to be public. By it being public it shows and can bring forward others that have the same feelings or concerns that were scared to speak up and didn’t have the courage to speak up or to be the first one to bring forward a certain topic. For example DR. Martin Luther King jr he had the courage to stand up and speak up about his thoughts and feelings which brought out a lot of people out of hiding which felt the same way and wanted change as well.


Furthermore it was a recent topic that came up the Key stone XL oil pipeline project in Pittsburgh caught a lot of residents attention but not in a good way Todd Zimmer, a campaigner with Rainforest Action Network stated that over 75,000 people have agreed to join in with civil disobedience and can result in a lot of them being arrested. To me that shows a lot of courage the community has to not only joined together with each but will risk going to jail to speak up and try to convince the president of the United State to reject the key stone pipeline. The people of Pittsburgh don’t like the idea because they feel it’s not going to be good for the environment and can be a danger to the people. This started a march over Roberto Clemente Bridge and protest the idea 2,000 people join on with the march.


Another good example of civil disobedience dealing with Fredrick Douglas he was a slave back in the 1800 but he wasn’t like all the other slave he was unique he learned how to read and by him learning how to read he started educating himself about laws etc. never the less as the years went by he started to write a autobiography which he brought to the table on a tour in new Britain and Ireland. This is civil disobedience because back then slave wasn’t able to have any say so with the law or how the government is running thing but he didn’t care he wanted a change and wanted freedom for all slaves by Douglas putting in the hard work and the fighting for what he believe was right President Lincoln end up freeing all slaves after world war 1 and Douglas became the first African American to have a influence in the government.


Civil disobedience in social media can be a easy way for people to get their thoughts and concerns around fast and having effective commutation not only in the state or country they live but around the world because know a day’s every one use the internet and have social media accounts having social media can help keep the protest more organized and helps get more people to join in. Social media is the new thing now. In my eyes social media can stop people from getting arrested it can prevent riots from getting started I feel that civil disobedience can help organized peoples thoughts and feels it also helps get you point to the source faster than it would be by marching or standing outs side of an office with signs as a reader what do you think about civil disobedience in social media.

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Privacy in the work place


What does privacy mean to you? Nowadays the issue of privacy has extended into the workplace to the point where employers are now monitoring not only company accounts but personal accounts that employee’s access during work hours. According to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, employees have the right to utilize software programs to monitor what is on an employee’s screen or saved on their terminal or hard disks. Not only can employees monitor what you are doing but can track the time you are on or away from your computer screen. This enables an employee to basically be able to track what you are doing throughout your workday.

The issue is specifically relates to social media usage. Today more and more companies utilize social media networks in order to market to a broader audience and allow employees to have better communication with each other. As a result people have begun accessing personal accounts in the workplace making it able for the employer to see more personal information. This even starts before the employee starts working during the hiring process; it is not uncommon for employees to Google or search people’s names to do pre-screenings. Is this going too far?

Many people who feel like their privacy is being violated have questioned whether or not this behavior by employers is even allowed. Author Barrie Gross of states, “Federal and state laws specifically address an employer’s right and ability to monitor, save, record, access, or otherwise conduct surveillance of employees’ use of company electronic communication resources and systems.” However, can one picture you were tagged in 3 years ago really cost you your job? Should one mindless post or comment come back to haunt you years later? Are personal e-mails between you and somebody else really private? What do you’ll think about this ?

Personally I wouldn’t want a company I work for monitoring my social media sites that are not related to my job. Personal life and work life should be separated and one should understand their boundaries as well and how they should act at work. It is understandable why companies monitor company e-mails and company media sites, but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed.


Privacy, Workplace, Google social, media


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